Arborvitae Combo
Aspidistra (Green)
Aspidistra (Variegated)
Autumn Splendor 20"
Autumn Splendor 24"
Autumn Splendor 30"
Bear Grass
Blueberry Cedar
Boxwood Combo
Boxwood Cross
Boxwood w/ Berries 20"
Boxwood w/ Berries 24"
Boxwood w/ Berries 30"
Boxwood w/ Silver Dollar Eucalyptus Combo
Candy Cane
Carolina Jasmine
Carolina Sapphire 15"
Carolina Sapphire 20"
Carolina Sapphire 20"
Carolina Sapphire 24"
Carolina Sapphire 24"
Carolina Sapphire 30"
Classic Holiday Centerpiece
Classic Magnolia 20"
Classic Magnolia 24"
Classic Magnolia 30"
Classic Magnolia 36"
Classic Magnolia 48"
Classic Salal 18"
Classic Salal 24"
Classic Salal 30"
Cocculus w/ Silver-Dollar Eucalyptus
Confederate Jasmine Vine
Coontie Fern
Curly Willow
Deerfoot Moss (Large)
Deerfoot Moss (Small)
Deluxe Holiday Centerpiece
Dracena (Tri-Color)
Fall Harvest 36"
Fall Harvest 48"
Fall Table Ring 12"
Fall Table Ring 16"
Foxtail Meyerii
Fraser Fir 15"
Fraser Fir 20"
Fraser Fir 24"
Fraser Mix Table Ring 12"
Fraser Mix Table Ring 16"
Grape Vine
Green Pittosporum
Green/Clump Moss (Large)
Green/Clump Moss (Small)
Hanging Jasmine
Hanging Plumosa w/ Sprengeri
Holiday Classic 20"
Holiday Classic 24"
Holiday Classic 30"
Holiday Deluxe 20"
Holiday Deluxe 24"
Holiday Deluxe 30"
Holiday Garland
Holiday Tree-Boxwood
Holiday Tree-Carolina Sapphire
Holiday Wreaths
Huckleberry (Green)
Huckleberry (Red)
Image 001
Image 002
Image 003
Image 004
Image 005
Image 006
Image 007
Image 008
Image 009
Image 010
Image 011
Image 012
Image 013
Image 014
Image 015
Image 016
Image 017
Image 018
Image 019
Image 020
Image 021
Image 022
Image 023
Image 024
Image 025
Image 026
Image 027
Image 028
Image 029
Image 030
Image 031
Image 032
Image 033
Image 034
Image 035
Image 036
Image 037
Image 038
Image 039
Image 040
Israeli Ruscus
Lacy Cedar 15"
Lacy Cedar 20"
Lacy Cedar 24"
Lacy Cedar Cross
Lacy Cedar Deluxe
Lacy Cedar w/ Pepperberry
Leather Leaf Deluxe 18"
Leather Leaf Deluxe 24"
Leather Leaf Deluxe 30"
Leather-Leaf Combo
Leather-Leaf Deluxe
Leather-Leaf Fern
Leather-Leaf w/ Seeded Eucalyptus
Leyland Combo
Leyland Deluxe
Leyland Flat Cedar
Lily Grass (Green)
Lily Grass (Variegated)
Long Needle Pine
Magnolia Deluxe
Magnolia-All Green 20"
Magnolia-All Green 24"
Magnolia-All Green 30"
Mantel Pieces
Ming Fern
Moss Wreath Letters
Nagi and Seeded Eucalyptus Combo 24"
Nagi and Seeded Eucalyptus Combo 18"
Nagi and Seeded Eucalyptus Combo 30"
Nagi w/ Seeded Eucalyptus
Original Boxwood 15"
Original Boxwood 20"
Original Boxwood 20"
Original Boxwood 24"
Original Boxwood 24"
Original Boxwood 30"
Pandora Variegated Vine
Pandora Vine
Papyrus (Egyptian)
Papyrus (Umbrella)
Photo Gallery
Pine Cones
Pine Cones
Pine w/ Cones 20"
Pine w/ Cones 24"
Pine w/ Cones 30"
Pittosporum (Green)
Pittosporum (Variegated)
Plumosa w/ Israeli Ruscus & Eucalyptus
Plumosa w/ Sprengeri and Israeli Ruscus
Plumosa w/ Sprengeri Combo
Plumosa w/ Variegated Ivy Combo
Plumosa w/ Variegated Pittosporum
Podocarpus Combo
Podocarpus w/ Baby's Breath
Reindeer Moss (Large)
Reindeer Moss (Small)
Salal Combo
Salal Deluxe
Salal w/ Baby's Breath
Salal w/ Israeli Ruscus
Salal w/ Nagi & Eucalyptus
Salal w/ Seeded Eucalyptus
Seeded Eucalyptus
Seeded Eucalyptus
Shades of Green 20"
Shades of Green 24"
Shades of Green 30"
Sheet Moss (Large)
Sheet Moss (Small)
Silver-Dollar Eucalyptus
Silver-Dollar Eucalyptus
Spanish Moss (Large)
Spanish Moss (Small)
Table Trees
Tangerine Beauty Vine
Ti Leaves (Black Magic)
Ti Leaves (Jamaican Green)
Ti Leaves (Kiwi)
Ti Leaves (Rainbow)
Ti Leaves (Red Large)
Ti Leaves (Red Sister)
Tree Fern
Tree Fern
Tree Fern w/ Nagi and Baby's Breath
Tree Fern w/ Nagi Combo
Tree-Fern w/ Silver-Dollar Eucalyptus
Trees & Topiaries
Variegated Pittosporum
Variegated Pittosporum 18"
Variegated Pittosporum 24"
Variegated Pittosporum 30"
Variegated Pittosporum w/ Baby's Breath
Wild Smilax Vine

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