Q: Why should I choose your company?

A: We take pride in the products that we ship to our customers. We believe that our attention to detail, customer service and the quality of our greenery and work sets us apart from others in the industry.


Q: What shipping companies do you use?

A: We currently ship via FedEx.


Q: Where are you located? What locations do you ship to?

A: Our company is located in Florida, and we ship to any location inside the U.S., excluding Hawaii and Alaska.


Q: How much is shipping and what are the methods?

A: Our shipping is based on an Adjustable Rate according to the dollar amount of your order. The rates are posted below:

Standard Next Day Shipping (Tue-Fri) -

-$0 to $19.99 = $12.00

-$20.00 to $99.99 = $20.00

-$100.00 to $199.99 = $30.00

-$200.00 to $299.99 = $40.00

-$300.00 to $399.99 = $50.00

-$400.00 to $499.99 = $60.00

-$500.00 to $699.99 = $70.00

-$700.00 to $999.99 = $80.00

-$1000.00 to $1499.99 = $100.00

-$1500.00 to $1999.99 = $125.00

-$2000 & up = $150.00

*Large garland orders may be subject to additional shipping charges due to higher freight costs.

We can only ship to deliver on Tuesday-Friday via FedEx.


Q: Can you have orders delivered on weekends?

A: We do not send orders for delivery on the weekends or Mondays. We only ship orders to be delivered Tuesday - Friday. Please contact us @ 386.527.8938 for any questions.


Q: How far in advance should I place my order?

A: We typically ask for you to place your order at least one week in advance to ensure that we have the product in place for your order. For large orders we like to have the order in place at least two weeks in advance if possible. You can order as early as you would like and place your delivery date in the "Preferred Delivery Date" section on the checkout page.

* Please note that orders are subject to change or be turned down if they are placed at the last minute. Customers who have orders placed in advance will have priority. You will be notified if changes need to be considered.


Q: How are the garlands made?

A: All of our garlands are made fresh, by hand to the specific lengths that you request. There are no minimum orders. All garlands are labeled by size and variety for your convenience.


Q: When I place an order for garland, how do I enter the amount that I want to purchase?

A: When ordering our garland enter the amount that you need in the quantities section. For example, if you need 25', enter 25 in the quantities section and then update your cart. You can also specify if you need custom lengths in the comments section on the checkout page.


Q: If I want to put a swag in my garland when I hang it, how much should I order?

A: When swagging a garland we suggest to order about 1.5 times the amount measured. For instance, if you have a 10' railing you should order around 15' of garland to adjust for the swag.


Q: Can I order a sample piece of garland?

A: Absolutely, just order 1-2 foot of your garland of choice. If you are choosing a garland made with multiple greens it may be best to order 2-3 feet to get the best look.


Q: If I need the product delivered on a specific date, where do I enter that?

A: If you need the product you order on a specific date just let us know in the "Preferred Delivery" box on the checkout page.


Q: How long do these products last?

A: It really depends on the item that you order. Most of the greenery can last up to 1-2 weeks. Garland and Wreaths can last up to 4-6 days, depending on where it is used. Most Moss will typically last for 6-8 weeks or longer. ___________________________________________________________

Q: How do I care for the products once I receive them?

A: Greenery- It is best to keep the greenery in a vase full of water to prolong its' shelf life. It also helps to frequently change the water and slightly trim the bottom of the stems.

Moss- Moss typically doesn't need any special treatment to keep it fresh. For the Green/Clump and Sheet Moss it can be periodically misted with water to help it hold up longer.

Garland- When you receive your garland open the box or boxes and allow cool, fresh air into the box. It is best to keep the garland cool and dry until it is time to use them. ___________________________________________________________

Q: If I am ordering an item for an event, when should I have it delivered?

A: We suggest to not have the product delivered no more than 2-days prior to the event.


Q: When I receive the product before the event, what should I do to keep it as fresh as possible?

A: The best thing to do for the product is to store it somewhere cool and out of direct heat. This will keep the product from drying out and shedding. ____________________________________________________________

Q: Can I cancel or make changes to my order after it has been processed?

A: Yes, we can cancel or make changes to your order as long as we have not made the items yet. As long as you contact us by the Monday of the week your order is supposed to be delivered we can cancel or make the necessary changes.


We proudly accept the following payment options:

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Need help? Contact us by

- Phone or Text @ 386.527.8938

- Email @ lmiller@everleafgreens.com

Office Hours: (Monday - Friday) 8:00 am to 5:00 pm EST ____________________________________________________________