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Plumosa is a beautiful filler green that is popular for DIY floral arrangements and table decorations. Plumosa has very fine, wispy foliage, with a green color. Each stem is 16"-28" in length. In water this item can stay fresh for 1-2 weeks, depending on care and climate.


-> All greenery is sold as a bunch with various stems depending on the type of foliage.

-> We recommend a delivery no sooner than two days prior to use. We ship via FedEx priority overnight. Deliveries are made Tuesday - Friday.

-> Leaf color and size can vary throughout the year.

-> When ordering place the total amount needed in the Qty Box and update the cart for total.

-> There is a "Comment and Preferred Delivery" section during checkout where you can enter specific instructions for your order, such as custom lengths of garlands and your desired delivery date.

-> To care for the product please open the box upon arrival and allow the moisture to air out. Keep stored in a cool and dry environment. You can also place the bottom of the stems in water to help prolong life.


Plumosa 10-Bunches
Plumosa 10-Bunches
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Plumosa 20-Bunches
Plumosa 20-Bunches
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