Plumosa w/ Sprengeri and Israeli Ruscus

Plumosa w/ Sprengeri and Israeli Ruscus
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Plumosa w/ Sprengeri and Israeli Ruscus
This garland is crafted with a base of Plumosa foliage and accented throughout with Sprengeri and Israeli Ruscus. When combined as a garland these unique greens give a simple, wispy appearance with an added dimension of the small, dark green leaves of the Israeli Ruscus. The contrasting dark and light green colors of each really brings this to life. This product can last 3-4 days after delivery depending on climate and care.


-> Our garland is PRICED PER FOOT and is made custom to your needs. There are no minimum orders. All garlands are approximately 6-inches wide with both ends finished for a clean look.

-> When ordering place the total amount needed in the Qty Box and update the cart for your total.

-> There is a "Comment and Preferred Delivery" section during checkout where you can enter specific instructions for your order, such as custom lengths of garlands and your desired delivery date.

-> We recommend a delivery no sooner than two days prior to use. We ship via FedEx Priority Overnight. Deliveries are made Tuesday - Friday.

-> Leaf color and size can vary throughout the year.

-> To care for the product please open the box upon arrival and allow the moisture to air out. Keep stored in a cool and dry environment.


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